18 Crafts for Kids Made From Cardboard Boxes

Let’s keep it real, it doesn’t take a whole lot to keep kiddos entertained, and cardboard boxes are no exception. Not only do kids play with plain boxes, but after they’re done, why not take those boxes and make a craft time with your child to turn them into something entirely new for your child to play with!

Here are 18 cardboard crafts for your kids!

An Oven

There’s a reason easy bake ovens are popular amongst kids! Kids love to pretend to cook, and a cardboard box can easily be turned into a nice little oven. Just cut out the front so it can be opened and closed, use markers to draw dials and create burners using craft paper or old CDs.

Grocery Store

You can use multiple boxes (or one big box with dividers) to create cubbies for food products much like shelves in the grocery store. You can then use the top of the box as a display area, or put signs on it. Your child will also enjoy making price tags and decorating their store front.


Using a guitar pattern and large boxes you can cut out the shape of a guitar multiple times then glue them together and add strings and pegs to make it look real. This is the perfect craft for your little aspiring musician.

Drive-In Theater

If you’ve ever wanted to give your child the drive-in experience look no further. A cardboard box makes a perfect car for your child to sit in out in the backyard. They can be decorated to make them super cute and even can have a snack tray!


If you have a larger-sized box, it can be stood upright and made into an elevator. It won’t be going anywhere, but your child will have fun pretending!

Mini Golf

You can use a box to create a target for indoor golf. Just cut holes of various sizes in the box, label them with points and let your kids have fun trying to get the highest points.


If your kid loves to play with cars or trains, boxes can be transformed into exciting tunnels using colorful paper and prints to decorate the outside after cutting holes in the edges.


If you order a large appliance like a refrigerator, it’s likely that you received it in a large box. This is the perfect opportunity to create an amazing camper complete with a door and windows. Inside you can even set it up to have a bed and kitchen area.

Piggy Bank

Any sized box can easily be turned into an adorable piggy bank decorated anyway your child wants!


While cardboard and water don’t mix well, your child is sure to have fun turning a box into a pirate ship. You can shape the boat a variety of ways, adding elements like a plank and cabins if you’re extra fancy.

Sewing Machine

Kids often want to be just like their parents. So, if your child has expressed an interest in sewing, a cardboard sewing machine could be a great way to get started. Needless to say, it won’t actually sew, but at less than $10 to make, it’s a cheap way to see that your child is actually interested in sewing before buying them a real machine.

Cash Register

If your child is an inspiring entrepreneur, perhaps you’ll want to make a cardboard cash register to kick off her next lemonade stand.


Thin boxes, such as those you get when you buy a new television can be transformed into a tent. Just make sure to complete your tent with colorful designs.

Washer or Dryer

Sometimes kids want to do “adult” things like laundry. Boxes make phenomenal washers and dryers and because they’re already square, it’s easy to add a door, draw on decorations and you’re ready to go.


Cut the bottom of a box and you have a desk or tray that your child can use to draw, do homework, or eat a snack. Plus, your child can help to decorate it!


If you have slightly older kids, you can create your own skee-ball game that the entire family can enjoy.


Small boxes can be turned into various sized buildings to create an entire village.


Ready to create something fit for a king? A cardboard castle can be constructed of various sized boxes and decorated by your child for playtime fit for a king.

There you have it! Those are 18 crafts you can do with a cardboard box to instill creativity in your child while creating a new toy for them!


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